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Types of Network Connections

Introduction Types of Network Connections (A) Dial Up Connections (B) Leased Line Connections (C) ISDN Connections (D) DSL Connections (E) RF Connections (F) Broad Band Connections  59 total views,  59 views today

 59 total views,  59 views today

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Magnetic/Hard Disk

Hard Disk Introduction A modern computer uses two types of magnetic memory: – Magnetic Disks: Magnetic disks are the most common form of non-volatile secondary storage because they provide fast access and high storage capacities

 2,424 total views,  51 views today

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Optical Memory

Introduction Optical storage devices have a higher storage density at a lower cost. A CD/DVD-ROM can be used as an main optical storage device. Many software companies provides both operating system and application or driver

 2,430 total views,  48 views today

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Cache Memory

Introduction An another type of high speed memory, known as Cache memory, which is used to increase the speed of processing by making current programs and data available to the CPU at a rapid rate.

 2,429 total views,  48 views today

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Main Memory

Introduction It is considered as the busiest memory in the computer. It is a fast and large memory but is slower than processor/cache memory. Primary memory has faster access time, smaller storage capacity and higher

 1,576 total views,  46 views today

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