Common Settings & Configurations in Pycharm

*** All the Python programs are tested on Pycharm Professional 2022.1/2023.1.

*** To create a new. Py file using Pycharm to write and run the Python program –

File menu – New Project – Pure Python – Name the Project(pythonProject1) – Create – This window (if appeared a dialog box) – Python environment window appears as file[we can also create new python file as, for this right click on pythonProject1 file and then New – Python file – name the file as -] write the python programs here – run the program at the right up corner using play symbol or pressing shift+F10. 

***  To make Default settings in Pycharm

        File menu – Manage IDE settings – Restore Default settings – Restore and Restart.

***  To Change the Theme in Pycharm

File menu – Settings – Appearance & Behaviour – Appearance – Select the desired theme from the Theme drop-down list  – OK.

Some Important links for users:


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