Example : How to Open and Execute C and C++ Programs?
Step1: Download and then Install anyone C/C++ applications(say here 'Dev-C++  5.11')successfully.

Step2: Open Dev-C++ 5.11 application by simply double click on it.

Step3: Now, write a C/C++ program and save it as certain name with .c/.cpp extension(say here Program1.c/Program1.cpp).

Step4: Now, Compile the created program by pressing F9 button or clicking 'Execute' menu - click 'Compile ' option. If any errors are present, remove it and save the program again.

Step5: After successful compilation, we run it finally to get required output by simply pressing F10 button or clicking 'Execute' menu - 'Run' option - Output appears on the new screen.

-------------------  OR  --------------------

At the place of Step4 and Step5, we can also press F11 button or click 'Execute' menu - 'Compile & Run' option - it compiles the program first and if no error arise then runs and gives the  required Output.



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