Fundamentals of Computers

Ques. : What is Hardware ?
Ques. : What is Software ?
Ques. : Explain types of Computer Software.
Ques. : What are the three types of language processors/translators ?
Ques. : What is Firmware ?
Ques. : What is Computer Program and Computer  Software ?
Ques. : What is the full form of API? What is the function of API ?
Ques. : Why computers are called automatic machines ?
Ques. : How many bits are required to represent a character in computer ?
Ques. : Who is the father of computer ?
Ques. : What do you mean by Artificial intelligence ?
Ques. : What is BIOS in computer system ?
Ques : What is Bit ?
Ques : What is Byte ?
Ques : What are the characteristics of Computer ?
Ques : Define Bit, Nibble, Byte and Kilobyte ?
Ques : What are the basic operations of a Computer ?
Ques : What is Compiler, Assembler and Interpreter ?
Ques : What are the components of the computer system ?
Ques : Define Data and Information ?
Ques : Define Headers and Footers ?
Ques : What is ASCII Code ?
Ques : Which day is celebrated as world Computer Literacy Day ? (December 2)
Ques : Who is known as the Human Computer of India ? (Shakunthala Devi)
Ques : What is mean by Liveware ? (People who work with the computer)
Ques : Which computer engineer got Nobel Prize for literature in 2003 ? (J.M. Coetzee)
Ques : What is Beta Test ? (Trial test of a computer or software before the commercial launch)
Ques : ‘Do no evil’ is tag line of … (Google)
Ques : First Indian cinema released through internet is … (Vivah)
Ques : was founded by… (Ajith Balakrishnan and Manish Agarwal)
Ques : What is the extension of PDF ? (Portable document format)
Ques : Which IT company’s nickname is ‘ The Big Blue ‘ ? (IBM)
Ques : What is the full form of  IEEE ? (Institute of Electric and Electronic Engineers)
Ques : Email was developed by… (Raymond Samuel Tomlinson (Ray Tomlinson))
Ques : What is the expanded form of CMOS ? (Complementary Metal Oxide Semi-Conductor)
Ques : Who is Netizen ? (Net Citizen (Citizen who uses internet))
Ques : When was the first smart phone launched ? (1992, IBM Simon)

History of Computers

Ques. : When was the first computer developed ? What is the name of that computer ?

Generation of Computers

Ques. : What is UNIVAC ?
Ques : The Computer size was very large in which generation.
Ques. : What are the basic characteristics of First generation computers ?
Ques. : Which programming language was used to program first generation computers ?
Ques. : Which was the first microprocessor and when it was developed ?
Ques. : Why Charles Babbage called father of computers ?
Ques. : Name any three electro-mechanical computers.
Ques. : Who invented Vacuum tube diode and when ?
Ques. : Name the computers developed by J.P. Eckert and John Mauchly.
Ques. : Which was the first electronic computer ?

Classification of Computers

Ques. :  What are the type of computers ?
Ques. : What distinguishes mainframe computers from super computers ?

Central Processing Unit (CPU) of Computers

Ques. : The basic architecture of  computer was developed by ? 
Ques. : What is microprocessor ? 
Ques. : Name some of the popular Microprocessor manufactures? (INTEL, Zelog, AMD,                          CYREX, Motorola etc.)
Ques. : What is system clock ?
Ques. : What is Bus in Computer System ?
Ques. : Which is the largest and most powerful computer ?
Ques. : What is the unit to measure the speed of microprocessor ?
Ques. : What is the unit to measure speed of Super Computers ?
Ques. : What is the brain of Computer ?
Ques. : What is the main task of central processing unit ?

Ques. : World’s first microprocessor is … (Intel 4004)

Ques. : What are the basic operations of a Computer ?

Input Devices of Computers

Ques. : What is Trackball and Joystick in computers ?
Ques. : What a Digitizer can be used for ?
Ques. : What is Light Pen ?
Ques. : Explain the use of Webcam.
Ques. : What is Smart Card? What type of information is stored in it ?
Ques. : Whether Microphone is input or output device ? Why it is used ?
Ques. : What is an expansion port and expansion slot ?
Ques. : What are the different types of ports in Computers ?
Ques. : How AGP port is better for faster video processing ?
Ques. : What is the maximum number of devices you can connect using USB port ?
Ques. : What is Peripheral Devices ?
Ques. : Give some important examples of input unit/devices.
Ques : What is Clipboard?
Ques : Mows is a type of mouse for …….. people (Physically handicapped people).

Memory System of Computers

Ques. : Which one is the fastest memory of a computer ?
Ques. : Which one is the slowest memory of a computer ?
Ques. : Which one is the largest memory of a computer ?
Ques. : Which one is the smallest memory of a computer ?
Ques. : What is memory hierarchy in computer ?
Ques. : What is volatile memory ?
Ques. : What is non-volatile memory ?
Ques. : What is RAM ?
Ques. : What is SRAM and DRAM ?
Ques. : What is ROM ?
Ques. : What are the types of ROM ?
Ques. : What is Flash Memory ?
Ques. : Give 3 examples of optical disks.
Ques. : What is CD-ROM/DVD-ROM ?
Ques. : What is cache memory ?
Ques. : What is the difference between disk and disc ?
Ques. : Who invented Compact Disc? (James T Russel)

Output Devices of Computers

Ques. : Why impact printers are noisy ?
Ques. : What is Plotter ?
Ques. : What is soft copy output and hard copy output ?
Ques. : Give some important examples of output unit/devices.

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