• There are following limitations may be considered of a computer.
    • Programmed and Supervised by Human :
      • Though computer is programmed to work efficiently, fast and accurately but it is still programmed by human beings to do so. Without a program, computer is nothing. Computer only follows these given instructions. If the instructions are not accurate the working of computer will not accurate.
      • Without supervision, computers will operate poorly when dealing with unexpected circumstances, such as information or instructions that are incorrect or incomplete.
    • No Intelligence/IQ :
      • Although computers are faster, more diligent, accurate and versatile than human beings, but unlike human beings, computers do not have its own any intelligence. Its performance is depends on instructions given to it. It cannot carry any task at its own and can’t take any decision on its own when required.
      • Computer behaves like as a dumb machine and it cannot do any work without instruction given from the user. It is the user to decide what he wants to do and in what sequence. So a computer cannot take its own decision as we can do generally. 
    • Self Care :
      • Computer can not care/maintains for itself time to time like a human. Rather a computer is still dependent to human beings for this purpose.
    • Emotionless/No Feelings :
      • Computers are emotionless. They do not have emotion and feelings like human beings.
      • A computer can not feel about something like a human. A computer can not compete human in respect of relations.
      • Computers are simply machines which work as per the instruction given to them. They can’t change their process/work on the emotion basis.
      • It does not have feelings or emotion, taste, knowledge and experience. Thus it does not get tired even after long hours of work. It does not distinguish between users.
    • Thinking :
      • Computer can not think itself. The concept of artificial intelligence helps the computer to think but limited. But still this concept is dependent on set of instructions provided by the human beings.
    • Retrieval of Memory :
      • Computer can retrieve data very fast but this technique is linear. A human being’s mind does not follow this rule. A human mind can think randomly which a computer machine can not. 

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