Use/Applications of Computer

  • When there was no computer, every where manual system was followed which was a very complicated and hard work but now with the arrival of computer, every thing has become much more systematic and easy to use.
  • Some major applications of computers in various fields of our life are given below : –
Banking :
  • Every bank is now using a computerized system because it is very fast and user friendly.
  • Personal Computer banking lets us view our bank balance, request transfers between accounts and pay bills electronically.
  • Now-a-days, online banking is getting very popular which offers more convenience and ease to the customers.
Traffic Light Control :
  • In traffic light control, the computer is being employed to orchestrate the traffic light.
  • There are some programmed codes like turn off/on the red light which control the traffic light and also to carry out other instructions.
Sports :
  • Computers have revolutionized the sports industry.
  • Computer is used to maintain player records, track scores, create virtual playing field etc.
  • The sports equipment industry also relies heavily on computer-aided design (CAD).
  • In sports, computers are used in conjunction with video cameras.
  • These are used to record the motion of all the sports men.
  • 3D programs are used to help the trainers see their movements and could improve their styles of playing.
  • Online games allow us to play with other people regardless of their physical locations.
School & Colleges :
  • There are many uses of computer in schools and colleges e.g. every students details need to be stored so a computer program comes to help in.
  • Multimedia, animations, graphics and charts could be used to teach the students and many boring topics can be made interesting using multimedia.
  • Students could access internet for online help and courses for more information.
  • Computers are used in a variety of ways in the educational field.
  • Computers can be used in school management such as budget, inventory, student records, communications, library circulation, and library public access catalog.
Learning and Instruction :
  • Computer applications can be used in education for learning and for instruction.
  • Instruction and learning can be divided into two major areas, teacher-centered instruction and student-centered learning.
    • Teacher-centered instruction examined the computer as the object of instruction as well as a tool of instruction and the management of instruction. With the advancement in the Technology and Internet, Online Education, e-learning, m-learning are getting very popular which offers more flexibility and convenience to the learners.
    • Student-centered learning views the computer as a tool for the student to use and create access, retrieve, manipulate, and transmit information in order to solve a problem.
  • Understanding the concept of the computer as an information tool relies on accepting the fact that the computer is a productivity tool for the student and the teacher alike.
Educational Research :
  • Computers are used widely in all educational research.
  • Educational research includes functions relating to information gathering and processing.
  • The teacher/researcher may examine student performance data in new and revealing ways.
  • Bibliographic citations of studies performed by educators around the world can be acquired and perused by the desktop computer.
Entertainment :
  • Computers and Internet are a major source of entertainment.
  • It is one of the latest forms of entertainment for the modern society.
  • It allows us to play computer games, listen to music, watch videos and movies etc.
Agriculture :
  • Computer usage among agronomists and farmers has risen rapidly in the recent times.
  • With the flow of information becoming faster and easier, the agricultural sector is also getting benefited from computer.
  • Computer allows the farmer to collect adequate information related to prices, latest farming techniques, weather conditions, cultivation of crops, farm machinery etc. which enhances the decision making capability of the farmers.
Health Care Management and Hospital :
  • Today almost every hospital is computerized and utilizing the benefits of computer.
  • Many computer applications, such as patient information system, monitoring and control system and diagnostic systems have been used to enhance health care.
  • Hospital Information System (HIS) allows to manage the administrative, financial and clinical aspects of a Hospital more easily.
  • It also allows easy access to patient data from a centralized database which helps the doctor in retrieving the history of all the patients.
  • Computers are also being used in medical diagnosis and surgery.

Some of the other applications include Transport Management, Weather forecasting, Industries etc.

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