Introduction of Picture Analysis in Graphics Multimedia

  • In Picture analysis, examining the elements of the image, we can gain a deeper understanding of its meaning and the message it is trying to convey. 

Definition of Picture Analysis in Graphics Multimedia

  • Picture analysis in graphics is a way of examining and interpreting visual information in images, photographs, charts, diagrams, and other forms of graphic representation. The process of picture analysis involves looking at the elements of an image, such as color, contrast, composition, texture, lines, shapes, and patterns, and analyzing how these elements work together to understand its meaning, message, and aesthetic value.
  • Picture or Image analysis is the extraction of meaningful information from images; mainly from digital images by means of digital image processing. 

Features of Picture Analysis in Graphics Multimedia

  • Some common steps to analyze a picture in graphics are :
    • Identify the subject matter: In this, we determine what the picture is about and what objects, people, or scenes are depicted in it.
    • Consider the composition: In this, we analyze how the elements of the picture are arranged, such as the use of symmetry, balance, rule of thirds, or other compositional techniques.
    • Examine the color: In this, we look at the hues, saturation, and brightness of the colors in the picture and how they contribute to the mood, atmosphere, and message of the image.
    • Evaluate the contrast: In this, we consider the differences in tone, color, or texture between the various elements in the picture and how they create depth, dimension, or emphasis.
    • Study the texture: In this, we observe the surface quality of the picture and how it affects the visual experience and emotional response of the viewer.
    • Analyze the lines and shapes: In this, we look at the contours, curves, and edges of the picture and how they convey movement, direction, or form.
    • Interpret the message: In this, based on the visual elements and their interactions, we deduce the intended meaning or message of the picture and how it relates to the context or purpose of the artwork.
  • Digital Image Analysis or Computer Image Analysis is a process in which a computer or electrical device automatically studies an image to obtain useful information from it.
  • Picture analysis is the quantitative or qualitative characterization of two-dimensional (2D) or three-dimensional (3D) digital images. 2D images are analyzed using computer vision techniques, and 3D images through medical imaging techniques.
  • The image processing can be classified as:-
    • Image enhancement
      • Image enhancement is concerned with improving image quality by removing noise or by enhancing image contrast.
    • Pattern detection and recognition
      • Pattern detection and recognition are concerned with the identification and elucidation(explanation) of standard patterns as well as the detection of deviations from these patterns.
      • A practical example of pattern detection and recognition is optical character recognition (OCR) technology.
    • Scene analysis and computer vision
      • Scene analysis and computer vision are both concerned with the recognition and reconstruction of 3D representations of scenes from a collection of 2D pictures.
  • There are so many different techniques used in automatically analyzing images. Each technique may be useful for a small range of tasks. Examples of image analysis techniques in different fields are –
    • 2D and 3D object recognition,
    • image segmentation,
    • motion detecting, e.g. Single particle tracking,
    • video tracking,
    • optical flow,
    • medical scan analysis,
    • 3D Pose Estimation.

Use or Applications of Picture Analysis in Graphics Multimedia

  • Picture Analysis can be helpful in fields such as advertising, marketing, design, and art.



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