Heading Tag (<h1-h6> — </h1-h6>)
<!doctype html>
<html lang="en-US">	
		<meta charset="utf-8">


<!-- NB : This tag creates and display six different sizes of heading text in a web page.  -->
Header Tag (<header> </header>)
<!DOCTYPE html>
     The header element mainly represents a container for introductory content in header region. 
    <br>It also contains menu links/list. A header may also contains one or more heading elements 
    <br> h1-h6 ,logo or icon, authorship information etc.we can also use several header elements in 
     one document <br> as per requirement.A header element cannot be placed within a footer, address 
     or another header element.<br>  
Footer Tag (<footer> </footer>)
<!DOCTYPE html>
	    <p>    The footer tag defines a footer area of a page/a document or section.<br>
		 A footer element may have copyright information,contact information,sitemap,<br>
		 back to top links,related documents summary etc.We can have several footer <br> 
		 elements in one document.


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