Tags & Attributes in html (Theory)

HTML Tags Definition Types HTML Attributes Definition Types For simplicity, we can categories the html attributes in the following major group – [A]Text Attributes (a) Common Attributes: These are– action, alt, background, background-color, background-image, background-position, background-repeat, background-size, behavior, charset, readonly, outline, box-shadow, class, text-indent, href, color, content, cursor, data, display, Read more…

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Bullet & Numbering/List Tag

Example : How to create Un-ordered List/Bullet menu (ul) in html page. Example : How to create Ordered List/menu (ol) in html page. Example : How to create both Unordered List/Bullet menu (ul) and Ordered List/menu (ol) in html page.  2,323 total views

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Text Area tag

Text area Tag (<textarea> </textarea>) Example : How to create text area to store large size data. Example : How to limit the characters in text area . Example : How to fix border size (disable re-sizable property) of textarea.  3,643 total views

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Input type Submit/Reset/Button tag

for Submit Values in HTML (input type=”submit”) Example : How to create various submit button in html. for Reset/Clear/Clean Values in HTML (input type=”reset”) Example : How to create reset/clear/clean button in html. for Button Values in HTML (input type=”button”/<button> — </button>) Example : How to create various button in html.  3,590 total views

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Input type Number/Email tag

For Number/Numeric Values in HTML (input type=”number”) Example : How to Enter only Number values in html. Example : How to Enter only number values in between 10 and 100 in html. Example : How to enter only number values up to 10 digits in html. Example : How to increase the size of Read more…

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Input type Radio/Check Box Tag

for Radio Values in HTML (input type=”radio”) Example : How to create radio button to select only one choice at a time in html. for Check Box Values in HTML (input type=”checkbox”) Example : How to create check box to select none/multiple choice at a time in html.  556 total views

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Input type Date/Time Tag

for Date/Calendar Values in HTML (input type=”date”) Example : How to create calendar to select desired day, month & year in html page. Example : How to find/get date difference/no. of days between two dates. Example : How to find/get current day’s name in an html page. Example : How to display date in Read more…

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