List of Interview Questions SAD

Ques. : What is SAD? Explain its features.
Ques. : How many types of Systems? List them.
Ques. : Who is a System Analyst?
Ques. : Explain the primary role of a System Analyst.
Ques. : What is SDLC? List the name of SDLC steps. 
Ques. : What is SRS? List the steps of SRS.
Ques. : What is a Feasibility Study? List the types of Feasibility Studies.
Ques. : What is Cost Benefit Analysis? List its importance.
Ques. : What is Structured Analysis? List the standard Structured Analysis tools. 
Ques. : What are Data Flow Diagrams (DFD) Or Bubble Charts? Explain the symbols used in DFD.
Ques. : What is an ER diagram? Explain the symbols used in the ER diagram.
Ques. : What are Coupling and Cohesion? List the types of Coupling and cohesion.
Ques. : What are Case Tools? List the various types of Case Tools.

List of Interview Questions SAD



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