Error & its Types


‘typedef’ statement  

  • The typedef statement doesn’t occupy storage.
  • It simply defines a new type.
  • Variables that are declared with the typedef be of type struct country.
  • Example
                typedef struct student 
                      int rollno;
                      char stuname[20];
                      char course[20];
                      float coursefee; 
                  Stu x, y, z;

 here ‘typedef’ defines a structure which can be referred to either as struct student or Stu, whichever we can prefer/use.Here Stu can used to define structure variables x,y,z in place of struct student.

Command Line Argument  

  • The argument passed to the main() function while executing the program is known as command line argument.
    • For example:
main(int count, char *args[])
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