Ques. :  What is an algorithm in computing?
Ques. : What is the need of Algorithm?
Ques. : What are the features of a good algorithm?
Ques. : How an algorithm is different from Flowchart?
Ques. : What are the demerits of Algorithm?
Ques. : What is Complexity? What is the types of Complexity?
Ques. : What is Time & Space Complexity of an algorithm?
Ques. : What is Best case, Average case and Worst case algorithm?
Ques. : What is Asymptotic Notation?
Ques. : What is Big Oh(O)/Big Omega/Theta  Notation in algorithm ?
Ques. : What is Greedy Algorithm?
Ques. : What is Divide & Conquer/Dynamic/BackTracking Algorithm?
Ques. : List the name that follow Divide & Conquer algorithms.
Ques. : List the name that follow Greedy technique algorithms.
Ques. : Say the Best case, Average case and Worst case time complexity of Bubble/Selection/Insertion/Quick/Merge sort.



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