SlnoBook's NameAuthorsPublications
01.Fundamental of Database Systems Elmasri NavathePearson Publication Asia
02.An Introduction to Database SystemsC.J.Date, Addison WesleyPearson Education Press
03.Database System ConceptsAbraham Silberschatz, Henry Korth, S. SudarshanTata McGraw Hill(TMH)
04.Database Management SystemBipin C. DesaiBPB Publications
05.Database System Concepts, Design and ApplicationSingh S.KPearson Education Press
06.Fundamentals of Database SystemsR. Elmarsi and SB NavathePearson Publications
07.An Introduction to Database SystemsBipin C.DesaiGalgotia Publications
08.Database Management SystemsRamakrishnan and GherkeTMH
09.Database Management SystemRajesh NarangPHI
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