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Ques. : What is Android OS?
Ques. : What is the latest version of Android? List some common versions of Android.
Ques. : What is an APK file? What is the full form of APK?
Ques. : Who is the founder of Android?
Ques. : What are the advantages of Android development?
Ques. : What is the importance and role of having an Emulator within the Android environment?
Ques. : What is Android architecture/Framework? Discuss its features/characteristics.
Ques. : What are a NinePatch (9-patch) image and its role in Android development?
Ques. : Does Android development support other languages than Java?
Ques. : What are the core building parts/components of Android?
Ques. : What database is normally used in Android? How it is different from client-server database management systems?
Ques. : List the languages used in building Android  APKs.
Ques. : List the various Android Storages.
Ques. : What is AIDL(Android Interface Definition Language)? What data types are supported by AIDL?
Ques. : Explain the concept of the Android Bundle.
Ques. : List some important Android folders used in Android development.
Ques. : What is the .dex file in Android?
Ques. : Why cannot you run the standard Java bytecode on Android?
Ques. : What are the Activities and Services in Android development?
Ques. : What is Android SDK, Explain.
Ques. : What is Fragment in Android development?
Ques. : What is an Adapter in Android?
Ques. : What is ADT(Android Development Tool) in the Android system?
Ques. : Explain the different dialog boxes supported on Android.
Ques. : What is the intent of an Android System? Explain its type.
Ques. : What is an AndroidManifest.xml file in an Android System and why do you need this?
Ques. : What is Android Debug Bridge(ADB)? Explain.
Ques. : What is the life cycle of Android activity? Mention some common in-built functions/methods used in this life cycle.
Ques. : What is AIDL in an Andriod System? Which data types are supported by AIDL?
Ques. : What is ANR(Application Not Responding) in Android?
Ques. : What is ADB (Android Debug Bridge) in Android?
Ques. : What are the different launch modes in Android?
Ques. : Explain the role of Sensors in Android.
Ques. : What is the role of containers in Android?
Ques. : What is the role of the Dalvik concept in Android development?



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