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Ques.  : JSP stands for ? 
Ques.  : What is comment line symbol of JSP ?
Ques.  : What is the symbol of jsp code ? 
Ques.  : What is the extension name of jsp file ?
Ques.  : Why do you use JSP for your project ?
Ques.  : What are the Literals used in JSP? [Null,Boolean,String,Integer,Float]
Ques.  : What technology have you used for this project ?
Ques.  : Say about the JSP life-cycle ?
Ques.  : Briefly discuss JSP life-cycle methods ? 
Ques.  : What are its type and differentiate them/each ?
Ques.  : What is the role/importance of CSS in your project ?
Ques.  : Can you define a class in jsp page ?
Ques.  : Can you use java script  with jsp page ?
Ques.  : What are advantages of using jsp in your project ?
Ques.  : What are the advantages of JSP over ASP .net ?
Ques.  : What is difference between jsp and servlets ?
Ques.  : What are the advantages of JSP over Servlets ?
Ques.  : What are the advantages of JSP over ASP .net ?
Ques.  : How do you set,read and delete cookies in the jsp ?
Ques.  : How can you upload a file in jsp ?
Ques.  : Where will be the uploaded files stored ?
Ques.  : What is jsp page redirection ?
Ques.  : Is Jsp technology extensible ?
Ques.  : How do you pass control from one jsp page to another ?
Ques.  : How to disable session in Jsp ? [<%@ page session=“false” %> ]
Ques.  : What are the JSP implicit objects?[response, exception, application, request, session, page, out, config, pageContext]
Ques.  : What is JSTL? [JSP Standard Tag Library is a library of predefined tags that ease the development of JSP.]
Ques.  : Explain Client-Side and Server-Side Validation.



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