Ques.  : CSS  stands for ! 

Ques.  : What is CSS ?

Ques.  : What is the origin of CSS  ? 

Ques.  : What is the different versions of CSS  ?  

Ques.  : Explain the types of CSS, used in the making of a web applications/project.

Ques.  : What is the inline/embedded/external CSS ? 

Ques.  : What is the role/importance/advantages of CSS in the project ?

Ques.  : What is the CSS selector ?

Ques.  : What is Universal CSS selector ? 

Ques.  : List at least five popular CSS property commonly used in our web project.  

Ques.  : Differentiate class & id selector of CSS used in the project ?

Ques.  : How can you integrate CSS on a web page ? 

Ques.  : What is the difference between padding and margin used with CSS ? 

Ques.  : What is the Box Model used with CSS ?

Ques.  : List the name of CSS frameworks .  

Ques.  : Which html tag is used with CSS ? 

Ques.  : What are the limitations of CSS ? 



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