Ques.  : What is Java Script(js) ?

Ques.  : Who developed Java Script(js) ?

Ques.  : Describe and differentiate the types of js?

Ques.  : Which html tag is used to write Java Script(js) code in a web page?

Ques.  : What is the role/importance of js in your project ?

Ques.  :Which symbol is used for comments in Javascript ?

Ques.  : How do you declare variable in js ? 

Ques.  : Say/write at least five js in-built functions used in your project ?

Ques.  : Say/Display the js code in your project ?

Ques.  : How do you print several type of alert messages in your project using js ? 

Ques.  :  List js datatype.

Ques.  : What is the difference between java and java script ?

Ques.  : What is === operator in java script ?

Ques.  : List the looping statements in JavaScript ?

Ques.  : What is the role of break and continue statements in js?

Ques.  : Explain all the types of Pop up/Prompt message boxes available in JavaScript ?

Ques.  : What is the difference between JavaScript and Jscript ?

Ques.  : Is JavaScript case sensitive ? Explain through an example ?

Ques.  : Why it is not advised to use innerHTML code in JavaScript ?


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it is very helpful.

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