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Ques. : What is CUI & GUI?
Ques. : What is Operating System(OS)?
Ques. : What is bootstrap program in OS?
Ques. : What is the basic function of Operating System(OS)?
Ques. : Why is the operating system important for a computer?
Ques. : What is the main purpose of an OS?
Ques. : What is System Call in OS?
Ques. : What is Schedular in OS? List its type.
Ques. : What is Process Control Block(PCB) in OS?
Ques. : What is Process States in OS?
Ques. : What are the different types of OS?
Ques. : What do you mean by overlays in OS?
Ques. : What is thrashing in OS?
Ques. : What is starvation and aging in OS?
Ques. : What is RAID? What are the different levels of RAID?
Ques. : Explain Paging & Demand paging?
Ques. : What is the difference between Paging and Segmentation?
Ques. : What do you mean by RTOS? Explain its type.
Ques. : What do you mean by Process Synchronization?
Ques. : What is IPC(InterProcess Communication)? What are the different IPC mechanisms?
Ques. : What is thread/threading in OS?
Ques. : What is Context Switching?
Ques. : What is a process/task? What are the different states of a process?
Ques. : What is fragmentation? How many types of fragmentation occur in Operating System?
Ques. : What is the difference between logical address space and physical address space?
Ques. : What is difference between process and thread?
Ques. : What do you mean by FCFS/Round Robin/SJF Process scheduling?
Ques. : What is a Scheduling Algorithm? List them.
Ques. : What do you mean by Mutual Exclusion & Semaphore in OS? Why is it used?
Ques. : What is a deadlock in OS? What are the necessary conditions for a deadlock?


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