slnoname of booksauthorspublications
1.Operating SystemA. Tanenbaum & W. StallingPHI
2.Operating System ConceptsSilberschatz and GalvinAddison Wesley
3.Principles of Operating SystemChauhanOUP
4.Operating systems – Concepts and designMadnick and Donovan Concepts and design, McGrawHill Intl. Education
5.Operating Systems, Concepts and DesignMilan MilenkovicTMH
6.Operating Systems, A concept-based approachD.M. DhamdhereTMH
7.Operating System ConceptsAbraham Silberschatz and James LPeterson, Addition Wesley Publishing Company
8.Introduction to Operating SystemsHarvay M. DeitalAddition Wesley Publishing Company
9.Operating System Design and ImplementationAndrew S. TanenbaumPHI


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