(NB: To open the run box – press the ‘window/win’ key + ‘r’ key)

window(win) key+r To open the run box in the window
shell:startup To open the startup folder in the Windows 10 Operating System.
downloads To open the download folder
documents To open My Documents
recent To open the recent opening page
c: or d: To open the C drive/D drive of a system
\ To open the C drive of the computer
. To open the ‘users’ folder of the system
.. To open user list window
desktop To open the desktop of the computer
appwiz.cpl To open the uninstall window
netplwiz To open user accounts window
taskmgr To open the Task Manager window
calc To open calculator
charmap To open the Character Map
control To open Control Panel
msconfig To open the system configuration window
sysdm.cpl To open the system properties window for the restore point, device manager, etc
perfmon.msc To open the system performance window
regedit To open the registry editor window
gpedit.msc To open the local group policy editor window
devmgmt.msc To open the device manager
taskmgr To open the task manager window to see the task list
services To open the running services list window
prefetch To open a prefetch window like temp to remove garbage files from the computer immediately
%temp% To open the temp folder to remove garbage files immediately
cmd To open the DOS command prompt
powershell To open a DOS-like window command prompt
diskmgmt.msc To open the disk management window
 psr(problem steps recorder) To record computer screenshots step-wise automatically
osk To open the online screen keyboard
winword To open the MS Word application of ms-office
excel To open MS Excel of ms-office
powerpnt To open MS-Power Point of ms-office
notepad  To open Notepad simple editor program
Chrome To open the Google Chrome browser
iexplore To open Internet Explorer
             desk.cpl To open a desktop resolution window
osk  To open an online keyboard in a system



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