Example : How to set your own photo/image in a pen drive  as icon.
- Open your photo/image in ms-paint. 
- crop it in small size form, if required.
- save it as 24-bit Bitmap/.bmp form with some new name(say img.bmp) in a folder(say image) 
  and remove previou photo from this folder. 
- Now open notepad. 
- write code [autorun] and in next line icon=img.bmp 
- Now save this notepad file in same folder(say image)as name autorun.inf [and save as type 
  should be in all files]. 
- Now, copy both the photo file and autorun file. 
- Open the pendrive. 
- Now, paste both file in pendrive. 
- Right click in the pen drive and Refresh it. 
- Re-insert the pen drive in the computer and watch your photo as icon. 
Example : How to make a pen drive multi os  bootable.
- Download 'winsetupfromusb' software with the help of google.
- Put your different window's ISO setup files in any drive.
- Connect your pen drive with the system.
- Now, Open (not install) your software - Your pen drive is detected automatically/Refresh it to 
  detect it - Check 'Auto Format it with FBinst' option - Select 'FAT32' option for formatting pen 
- Now, check 'Advanced options' - Again check 'Custom menu names for vista/7/8/server source' - close 
  the window.
- Now, load your os ISO files one by one by checking & browsing suitable options(check boxes) - click 
  'GO' - click 'Yes' - click 'Yes' - Process started.
- Now a window appears during processing.Put name "OS1" - press Ok - again put your os name such as 
  'Window 7'- press job done ok. (The OS is loaded finally.)
- Again start all the previous process as it was systematically to upload next OS correctly (except 
  Check 'Auto Format it with FBinst' option - Select 'FAT32' option for formatting pen drive, i.e. 
  not check this option again.)
- Now reboot your system and select your desired os to install in the system.

NB : The other multi bootable softwares are - MultiBootUSB, XBoot, YUMI(Your Universal Multiboot 
Ques. : How to use  a Pen Drive as a RAM in a desktop/Laptop.

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