How to create/set shortcut key for an application icon  to open quickly
- Right click on shortcut icon of an application normally present on the desktop.
- Choose 'Properties' option.
- Click on 'Shortcut' tab button.
- Enter a Key/letter in shortcut key box, it will automatically create a unique    
  combination with ALT+CTRL+given letter(such as CTRL+ALT+X etc)in 'Shortcut Key'   
  box in place of none.
- ok.
Shortcut Keys for Quick Operation
Functions Shortcut Keys
To open the start menu Press Window (Win) Key
To create a new folder CTRL+SHIFT+N
To open the run box Window key +R
To open Task Manager

Ctrl+Shift+Esc /


To minimize all the open applications windows once Window key + M
To restore all the minimize applications window once Window key + Shift+M
To Maximize single-application Win Key+Up arrow key
To restore the screen Win Key+Down arrow key
To align the application left side of the screen Win Key+Left arrow key
To align the application right side of the screen Win Key+Right arrow key
To open the Quick Launch Taskbar application icon in sequence Win key+1/2/3…
To open all the applications on the screen Win Key +  Tab key
To switch among multiple open applications Alt+Ctrl+Tab / Ctrl+Tab
To open File Explorer/Quick Access Win Key+E
To use a magnifier on the computer screen Win Key+  +/-
To take Full-Screen Shots Win Key + PrintScreen
To Lock/Log out/Sign Out the User Screen Win Key + L
To close the applications/shut down the system/PC Alt+F4
To open the desktop /To minimize all the open applications quickly Win Key + D
To reverse the operation (Undo) Ctrl+Z
To Redo operation Ctrl+Y
To open all the gadgets in window 7 Win Key+G 
To open a new tab in a web browser Ctrl+T
To open the browser history Ctrl+H
To delete browser history Ctrl+Shift+Del
To open the Chrome download menu list Ctrl+J
To open an incognito window Ctrl+Shift+N
To Bookmark open the page Ctrl+D
To open a new web page in a new tab Ctrl+click
To re-open previously closed browser tags Ctrl+Shift+T
To move the cursor in the Address Bar  Ctrl+E 
To Access the notification area of the desktop  first press Win key+B  then use arrow key to move
To see new messages in the notification area  win key+Ctrl+B 
 To move back/next in an open application window  Alt+left arrow key/right arrow key
To see the connected projector in the system win key+P
To open a search box in window 10 win key+Q
To open the display window of the system win key+D
To display the right-click menu list on the start button win key+X
To open access/location in the notification area in window 10 win key+A
 To move the desktop screen up/down/left/right(supported in intel motherboard mainly) Alt+Ctrl+Arrow Key 
 To move the YouTube video

To Pause/resume-press space bar/k-button

To Back – Left arrow key/J-button

To Next – Right arrow key/L-button 



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