Ques. : How to type multiple lines of sentences/characters in multiple pages quickly or simultaneously.
- Open MS-word.
- Type =rand(20,6) and press Enter. (here rand is random function where 20 
  is 20 paragraphs 
  contents and 6 is 6 lines of sentences in each paragraph)
- Multiple page of contents are created automatically.
Ques. : How to create a table quickly in ms-word.
- open ms-word.
- Type '+-------+--------+------+' in an open ms-word page.
- Press Enter.
- A table of 1 row and 3 columns created automatically.

NB : Here + symbol creates columns must followed by --- symbols. Starting and Ending point must contain + symbol.By pressing tab button multiple times more rows can be created.
Ques. : How to see the contents of ms-office file without opening it.
- Open the folder containing ms-office files
- Press Alt+P in the folder
- click an ms-office file,contents appeared automatically
Ques. : How to convert Hand written/Image/Paper text to editable MS-word text without software. 
- Scan/take photo of paper/written text.
- upload that file in google drive.
- after complete upload, right click on that file. 
- open with. 
- google docs. 
- file opens in MS-word form also (bottom side) [along with image form , up 
- Copy-paste/download word file. 
- use it as you want.
-  Use this online site to convert = https://www.onlineocr.net/
- Convet image file into PDF file.
- Open MS-Word - File menu - Open - select that file - open - ok- file 
  opened in MS- word form.

MS-Word Shortcut Keys

To select all the contents CTRL+A
To bold the selected contents CTRL+B
To copy the selected contents CTRL+C
To open font dialog box CTRL+D
To center the contents on the page CTRL+E
To find the contents CTRL+F
To go to the contents CTRL+G
To replace the selected contents CTRL+H
To italic the selected contents CTRL+I
To justify the selected contents CTRL+J
To make the selected contents hyperlink CTRL+K
To make the selected contents left aligned CTRL+L
To create new file CTRL+N
To open saved file CTRL+O
To print the current open contents CTRL+P
To right align the selected contents CTRL+R
To save the current open contents CTRL+S
To underline the selected text CTRL+U
To paste the copied contents at cursor position CTRL+V
To cut the selected contents CTRL+X
To redo the operations CTRL+Y
To undo the operations CTRL+Z
To open help menu for ms-word F1
To rename the word file F2
To refresh the document F5
To check spelling and errors F7
To activate menu of active document menu bar F10
To open ‘save as’ dialog box to save the document F12
To close the active document ALT+F4
To change the selected text into small/capital/sentence case letters Shift+F3
To generate shortcut menu for selected text Shift+F10

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