How to run any video without any video player in the system
- Open Google Chrome
- Drag and Drop that video in Chrome Browser - video will run/executed automatically i.e. 
  browser behaves like as video player.
How to block/remove the block of web site in a computer system
- Open C drive - Windows - System32 - drivers - etc - open 'hosts' file in  notepad 
- Type '' and in next line (at the bottom of page without # symbol after to block google)
- Type ''
- Type '' and in next line
- Type '' and so on for other site.
- save the notepad file
- To remove block, delete the written address such as ... and save the file
How to download YouTube video easily without idm.
- Open YouTube video - copy the YouTube link address - Put ss letter before youtube term in link address such as "" - press enter - paste the copied link address in 'Insert link' box - click on > icon - click on download button - download started.



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