MS-Word Tricks

Ques. : How to type multiple lines of sentences/characters in multiple pages quickly or simultaneously. Ques. : How to create a table quickly in ms-word. Ques. : How to see the contents of ms-office file without opening it. Ques. : How to convert Hand written/Image/Paper text to editable MS-word text without software.  Read more…

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Folder/Directory Trick

Normally, We can’t create a folder with name nul, prn, aux, con, com1…com9, lpt1…lpt9 etc. because they are the system reserved keyword for system file/folder But we can … How to create a new folder without any name How to create two/more new folder with same name at same location Read more…

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Keyboard Shortcut Tricks

How to create/set shortcut key for an application icon  to open quickly Shortcut Keys for Quick Operation Functions Shortcut Keys To open start menu Press Window (Win) Key To create new folder CTRL+SHIFT+N To open run box Window key +R To open Task Manager Ctrl+Shift+Esc / ALT+CTRL+Delete To minimize all the Read more…

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Flash/Pen Drive Tricks

Example : How to set your own photo/image in a pen drive  as icon. Example : How to make a pen drive multi os  bootable. Ques. : How to use  a Pen Drive as a RAM in a desktop/Laptop. Click this link 1 Click this link 2   261 total views

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DOS/Cmd Tricks

How to change the text color of DOS window How to change the name of DOS prompt how to create and display text file in DOS. How to change the title of DOS window How to take help in DOS  How to see the list of used commands in DOS  Read more…

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Common Run Commands Tricks

TYPE IN RUN BOX – OK DETAILS window(win) key+r To open run box in window shell:startup To open startup folder in Window 10 Operating System. downloads To open download folder documents To open My Documents recent To open recent opening page c: or d: To open C drive/D drive of Read more…

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Internet Tricks

How to run any video without any video player in the system How to block/remove the block of web site in a computer system How to download YouTube video easily without idm.  296 total views

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