Slno. Name of Books Author Publications
01. Computer Organization & Architecture Stallings William Prentice Hall of India Publication/Pearson Education Asia.
02. Computer System Architecture Mano M. Morris Prentice Hall of India Publication/Pearson Education Asia.
03. Computer Architecture: A Quantitative. Approach Hennessy/Patterson Morgan Kaufmann
04. Structured Computer Organization A. Tanenbaum PHI
05. Computer Organization and Design : The Hardware/ Software Interface D. Patterson and J. Hennessy
06. IBM PC Assembly Language and Programming Peter Abel PHI
07. Microprocessors and Interfacing – Programming and Hardware Douglas V. Hall Tata McGraw Hill
08. Micro-computer Systems, the 8086/88 family Yu-Cheng Liu, A. Gibson Prentice Hall of India
09. Assembly Language for IBM PC Peter Norton & John Socha Prentice Hall of India
10. Microprocessors and Digital Systems Douglas V. Hall Tata McGraw Hill(TMH)
11. Assembly Language Programming for the Intel 80xxx family William B. Giles Maxwell Macmillan International editions
12. Advanced Microprocessors and Peripherals Ray and Bhurchandi Tata McGraw Hill(TMH)



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