SQL Introduction & Features

Introduction SQL stands for ‘Structured Query Language’. SQL is pronounced as ‘Sequel’.  SQL statements are like simple English imperative sentence. Features SQL is a query language used to retrieve and manipulate data in various ways as per need of the programmer in a RDBMS. There are 5 common operations performed by the Read more…

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SQL Keywords

            Current Used SQL Keywords NB : SQL Keywords can be used as Identifiers in our query by putting them inside big bracket such as [ADD], [PERCENT], [ALL] etc. Future SQL Keywords    4,687 total views,  89 views today

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Import & Export in Sql

Example : How to Export Oracle 10g/11g Database file or How to create dump(.dmp) file in Oracle10g/11g . Example : How to Export selected tables in Oracle10g/11g Database file as dump(.dmp) file. Example : How to Import dump(.dmp) file into Oracle 10g/11g.  6,177 total views,  27 views today

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Update DML Statements

Definition : This statement is used to modify/change/update the existing record/s or data in the database. Syntax : UPDATE table–name SET(column–name1=value1, column–name2 =value2, column–name3=value3, column–name4=value4, column–name5=value5 ) ; Example : UPDATE employee SET(emp_id=”125M”, emp_name=”Rahman”, emp_addr =”Kolkata”, emp_dept=”Manager”, emp_dob=”05/22/2020″, emp_sal=20500, emp_mob=9334582186); UPDATE employee SET(emp_name=”Rahman”, emp_addr =”Kolkata”, emp_dept=”Manager”, emp_dob=”05/22/2020″, emp_sal=20500, emp_mob=9334582186 where emp_id= “105M”);  5,056 total views, Read more…

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Delete DML Statement

Definition :  This statement is used to remove one or more records permanently from the database table. Syntax :  DELETE table-name; DELETE table-name where condition; Example :  Delete employee; Delete employee where emp_id=”105M”;  1,251 total views

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Select DML Query Statement

SELECT STATEMENT Basic Select Syntax :  SELECT column_name1,column_name2… column_name_n FROM table-name[WHERE Clause][GROUP BY clause][HAVING clause][ORDER BY clause];          The SELECT query statement is used to retrieve stored data from a database in the form of table-like structure called result set. It is one of the largest use query/statement.       Read more…

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Insert into DML Statement

Definition : This statement is used to add new record/s into the database table. Syntax : INSERT INTO table-name (column-name1, column-name2, column-name3, column-name4, column-name5 ) VALUES (value1, value2, value3, value4, value5 ); Example 1 :  352 total views

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Create Table DDL Statement

Create Table Definition : This statement is used to create new/fresh table with various column or fields name and respective datatype in a database. Syntax : CREATE TABLE schema_name.table_name (column_name1 data_type1 column_constraint1, column_name2 data_type2 column_constraint2,    . . . table_constraints ); CREATE TABLE table_name ( column_name1 data_type1 column_constraint1, column_name2 data_type2 Read more…

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