• The physical layer is the lowest layer of the OSI model.



  • This layer transmits/receives the unstructured raw bit stream over/from a physical medium such as cables.
  • This layer describes the electrical/optical, mechanical and functional interfaces of the physical medium
  • This layer carries the signals for all the above higher layers such as data link layer, network layer etc.
  • This layer modifies the simple digital signal pattern (1s and 0s) of a PC to better accommodate the characteristics of the physical medium ( = Data encoding).
  • This layer determines whether the encoded bits will be transmitted by baseband (digital) or broadband (analog) mode.
  • This layer transmits bits as electrical or optical signals which is suitable for the available physical medium, and also determines what physical medium options can be used? It also determines how many volts/db (decibel) should be used to represent a given signal state, using a given physical medium .


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